Other Projects

Doktor nonstop ©

Doktor nonstop

Our company was chosen for this prestigious project as the 24/7 organization call centre.

Within the scope of provided services, we coordinate clients who call at the telephone number 1231 and we dispense them either a medical consultation with a physician or a home visit of a doctor at home or in the office. Thanks to the development of this product and involving the other partners, we also are capable to provide the vaccination and social or attending care.


Ring Bell ©

The Little Bell

The Ring Bell© is an up to date and successful program, which is proposed by the commercial insurer Vitalitas pojią»ovna, a.s ® to their insurers and to insurers of one of the major health insurer OZP, a.s. ®. As a part of this product, there are providing the assistance services.

We also have participated in the development of this program.