Corporate Assistance

Supporting the regular running a company as well as the Office Assistance in urgent or unexpected situations

  • 24/7/365, anytime in a year
  • Supplying the necessary office inventory and / or equipment
  • Interpreting, translations
  • Renting conference rooms incl. technology

Complete organization of business trips

  • Complete travel organization
    • Reservation of flight tickets, other ticketing, accommodation in the final destination
    • Rental cars, local transfers
    • Rental of needed office equipment
    • Rental of meeting rooms, interpreting, translations
    • Concierge Assistance - organizing the relaxation and leisure time programs
    • Recommendation and supplying the suitable vaccination, in close coordination with our medical specialists

Mediating the complete coverage by insurance products

  • Travel insurance
  • Corporate insurance - property, reliability, business of the company
  • Insurance of the sick leave, hospitalization, etc.
  • Life insurance, pension funds, etc. - possibly benefits for the top employees